Vincent Press Limited – Invitations Case Study


Vincent Press Limited – A commercial graphic design, litho and digital printing company producing anything from a business card to a full colour brochure and everything in between (personalised mailings, pop-ups, banners….and more).


Cover Material – 380 gsm skin curious collection black
Text Material – 120 gsm Curious Gold leaf metallic


Invitations which were mailed out with hand written envelopes.

How were the invitations printed?

The cover was gold foiled, and laser cut. The gold material was printed digital. Then both elements were scored and folded and glued.

Did you incur any problems on press? If so how did you overcome them?

The gold material was printed digitally with no problems at all, we had to convert the single colour black to 4 colour black to get the deepest black possible or the gold material started to show through turning the single colour black slightly brown.

The cover was gold foiled and was no problems here, then went to be laser cut, there were some concern over the dust element of the process. This was very minimal and as these were all glued by hand so any dust that was there was easily wiped away. Handling of the very fine laser cutting had to be delicate, we interleaved each invite with paper to avoid any marking or damage when being packed in boxes.

Sandra Steer
Vincent Press Limited