Vermont Hotel

A ‘Curious’ response provides a spectacular solution

for the Vermont Hotel’s new wedding brochure

 When the iconic Vermont Hotel, located in the heart of the city of Newcastle, was looking to create a new wedding brochure to replicate its luxurious surroundings and represent the exceptional quality of its wedding events offering, Curious Metallics, an iridescent, metallic-finished creative paper supplied by Antalis proved the perfect match.

The job to transform the brochure design in to a stunning piece of print, was handed to local full service print service provider Print North East.  Director Steve Gilbert explains, “Working with such a prestigious venue and appreciating the importance of reflecting the premium nature of its wedding events service, we knew we had to deliver something really special.  We also faced the challenge of turning this project around extremely quickly to ensure we could deliver the finished brochure back in time for the hotel to attend a specialist weddings exhibition.”

Gilbert and his team wasted no time in sourcing a range of sample creative substrates from Antalis that would add an extra element to the printed brochure.  These included sample stocks from the Curious Collection, one of the most innovative ranges of papers offering daring, unconventional and cutting edge finishes for ultimate creativity.

“The iridescent, metallic finish of Curious Metallics Ice Silver immediately caught our attention,” says Gilbert.  “We could instantly see how its striking appearance would be perfect to lift the design and transform it into a brochure that would speak volumes about the quality of the Vermont Hotel’s wedding service.”

Trial print runs were tested on Print North East’s litho and digital printers to ascertain which method would produce the best results.  It was the company’s new Xerox Versant digital press that delivered.  The toner-based print produced excellent results on the metallic finish of the 120gms and 300gsm substrate, producing vivid and bright print with sharp contrast and excellent reproduction of photography.

“The digital reproduction of the images and typeface was extremely clear, vibrant and exactly communicated the premium quality we knew the hotel was looking for,” explained Gilbert.  “The digital option also eliminated any need for drying, significantly reducing production times, which was essential to meet the hotel’s tight deadline.”

The hotel team came in to review the test samples and loved the Curious Metallics.  They could see that end results of using such a unique and creative product far outweighed the additional substrate cost.

Commenting on the selection of Curious Metallics for their wedding brochure, Vermont Hotel General Manager Shadia Hernandez said, “I chose the metallic paper as something which would look and feel luxurious, while at the same time, represent the exceptional quality and beauty our guests are looking for in a wedding venue.  The attention to detail given to our wedding brochure is a representation of the care our couples are given throughout their wedding planning journey.”

Print North East printed and finished the brochure, adding foil blocking to the cover and using a Horizon PUR perfect binder to compliment the quality feel of the print and give the finished product that value-added dimension.

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