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Featured Product: Polyart Laser
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Enter new markets and enhance your product portfolio with Polyart Laser
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Featured product : E Photo Paper
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Featured product : E Photo Paper
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Jesmond Dene
In 2015 Jemond Dene House, one of the best hotels in the north of England, rebranded and Northern Print Solutions were selected to provide the newly updated printed materials.
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Alphabetical Studio gets to the heart of BHF guide design
See how Alphabetical Studio used Edixion Offset to design the British Heart Foundation (BHF) guide to heart surgery
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Mailmate Print – Print Seminar Invitation
Mailmate recently held a Breakfast Print Seminar, supported by Antalis, for creative designers in Jersey. To invite designers to the event, Mailmate produced an elaborate invitation – demonstrating the quality of the latest digital technology.
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Northern Print Solutions
pink print
Northern Print Solutions used Image Impact to create these stunning cards.
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Aurora Digital Print Ltd & Crakel launch an innovation in digital print
Aurora Digital Print Ltd a commercial print operation in Newcastle upon Tyne has added a new card and gift division called Crakel after 12 months of research and testing.
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Cardiff Met University
Cardiff university were looking for a way to tighten security on their car park passes and Xerox Docucard offered them a solution.
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Vincent Press Limited – Invitations Case Study
Vincent Press Limited creates invitations using 380 gsm skin curious collection black and 120 gsm Curious Gold leaf metallic
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Mohawk Superfine Review by Fineline Print & Web
"At Fineline we’ve got a Ricoh 901 Digital Printer which we thought would be ideal to test out the new Mohawk Superfine i-Tone paper...
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It’s a piece of cake for Elanders when they ‘just ask’ Antalis
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Aircraft Safety Instructions
Premium NeverTear 350 microns was the chosen product for the safety instructions on-board all new and old aircraft and all new airbus models for an airline company.
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Gigathlon Sports Event
The Swiss Gigathlon is an annual 5 day event in Switzerland where 7700 participants ran, swam and cycled covering 1,433 Kilometers and 31,100 metres altitude. Due to the nature of the event, the products were carefully selected by an iGen4 printer for several applications.
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Vermont Hotel
When the iconic Vermont Hotel, located in the heart of the city of Newcastle, was looking to create a new wedding brochure to replicate its luxurious surroundings and represent the exceptional quality of its wedding events offering, Curious Metallics, an iridescent, metallic-finished creative paper supplied by Antalis proved the perfect match.
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Rapidity Case Study
Antalis and Rapidity join forces for Digital Café launch creating ‘Big Bang’ for designers and marketers New inspirational creative meeting zone for designers, marketers & print buyers showcasing the best of digital print and paper
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Media Edge – Xerox Premium Nevertear
Media Edge UK have produced luggage tags using Xerox Premium Nevertear golf clubs and travel companies
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Gemini Digital Colour – Twentieth Birthday
Gemini Digital Colour celebrated their 20th Birthday this year with some amazing printing
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Tracy Sutton – Root Business Cards
Circular Economy and Print Innovation: The Perfect Combination for a Sustainable Brand
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Aurora Digital
Sales brochure for a manufacturer of flat pack houses using zero energy bills printed on Novatech Digital
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MTA Digital
Pushing the boundaries of digital print is something London based MTA Digital are passionate about. With 30 years’ experience in the pre-press industry and a significant investment in HP technology, MTA Digital were keen to promote the possibilities available in digital print.
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Antalis UK/Pureprint Case Study
Antalis UK/Pureprint Case Study Using recycled paper to create demand for HP Indigo press
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Blue Island Press
Find out why Blue Island Press chose Invercoat G for their greetings card range
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Murrays the Printers Ltd
Curious Metallic Gold Leaf being used on a HP Indigo 5500 and then a raised spot varnish was applied with our Scodix S75.
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Watkiss Automation – Inspiration
Inspiration piece from Watkiss Automation
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Studio Output
A Limited edition book of 100 copies for photographer Philip Jackson printed on Rives and Curious Metallic
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Output Magazine – Print Edition
A magazine believed to be Fleet Street’s first in a quarter-century printed on Digigreen
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Konica Minolta – Inspiration
Promotional box printed on Invercoat Creato 300gsm
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Morgana – Inspiration
Promotional brochure printed on Novatech Digital and Rives Tradition
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Transeo Media – Inspiration
Promotional brochure printed on Digigreen Silk
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Watkiss Automation
Promotional brohure printed on UPM DigiColor Laser
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Promotional brochure printed on Curious Metallic
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Vintage Playing Cards
playing card
The flexibility of the digital print technology enabled the company to produce shorter print runs and personalised products, adding to the success of this new range.
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NXP Europe
NXP Europe‎ have created some wonderfully creative examples of "Digital Print with Personality" to showcase the imaginative capabilities.
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Right Web Design
Business cards printed on Xerox Fun Flip
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Antalis d2b Leaflets
An inspiration piece of our very own! All about our brand new d2b leaflets
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Xerox Applications – Large Supermarket Chain
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Supermarket
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Xerox Applications – Signage
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Signage
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Xerox Applications – Hospitality
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Hospitality
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Xerox Applications – Promotional
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Promotional
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Xerox Applications – Signage & Retail
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Signage & Retail
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Xerox Applications – Industrial
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Industrial
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Xerox Applications – Menus
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Regional Bar
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Xerox Applications – Transport
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Transport
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Xerox Applications – Medical
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Medical
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Xerox Applications – Horticultural
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Horticultural
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Xerox Applications – Retail
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Retail
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Xerox Applications – In Store Retail
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - In Store Retail
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Xerox Applications – Contemporary Retail
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Contemporary Retail
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Xerox Applications – Sporting Event
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Sporting Event
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Xerox Applications – Industrial Oils
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Industrial Oils
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Xerox Applications – Outdoor Signs & Tags
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Outdoor Signage & Tags
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Xerox Applications – Educational
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Educational
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Xerox Applications – Retail Graphics
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Retail Graphics
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Xerox Applications – Military
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Military
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Xerox Applications – Aerospace
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Aerospace
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Xerox Applications – Petrol Station
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Petrol Station
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Xerox Applications – Holiday Resort
Xerox Premium Nevertear Applications - Holiday Resort
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