Northern Print Solutions

Northern Print Solutions, a printing company based in Gateshead print a huge range of Industry specific products to a large client base. They also provide a bespoke printing service supporting brand new concepts from ideas to reality.

Depending on the brief they recieve from the client, depends on the stock and method of how the job comes to life. This job was to produce something of exceptional quality and to stand out from the crowd, the business is a new company so it was a fine balance between creating a high quality lavish product and cost effectiveness.

Northern Print Solutions chose our Image Impact paper for the project,  which they found the solid pink printed beautifully and foiled even better. They felt Image Impact has high quality feel which stood out. In fact they always produce a number of dummies before the first run and this stock won hands down.

The job was printed using their Xerox Versant 2100 press and it was hand foiled using a DUT 21 using a rose gold Folico foil to give the product a high end feel. They felt using the DUT for this one would give a slight impression to the stock to give it a more refined, grown up impact.

Beth Wyatt from Northern Print Soltions commented, “Our client took her cards to their first big event, where she met with the press and her prospective client base where she received a huge positive response to her brand and the printed materials we provided.

Within this range there is to be a suite of beautifully printed materials and we can’t wait to see how lovely they will look on the Image stock.”