Just Print Digital demonstrate what can be achieved with Coala WallDesign NW S



Customer:   Just Print Digital


Just Print Digital turned to Antalis’ Coala Walldesign NW S when they were looking for a printable wall covering for a recent project.


The Carmarthen-based company specialises in wide format printing and exhibition and signage display.  Much of their work is in creating signs for estate agents, but they showed their versatility when approached by an interior designer to create a bespoke wallcovering for the main entrance hall of an extra care housing development, aimed at people over 55, based in Tŷ Dyffryn, West Wales.

Just Print printed and installed the bespoke wallcovering on behalf of freelance designer Daniel Paterson, who worked closely with the housing development’s interior designer to come up with a design for a long feature wall depicting Carmarthen’s modern skyline overlaid on an historic map of the area.  To ensure the quality of reproduction they were looking for, Just Print needed to source a wall covering with a very smooth finish.


The Solution

Just Print’s managing director, David Hammett, approached Antalis to see what product they would recommend for the job.  Together, they decided on Coala Walldesign NW S.  David commented,

“I chose Coala Walldesign NW S, partly because Antalis supplies it, but also because I wanted a nice, plain-faced paper.  Other products I looked at were just too decorative, whereas this has a nice, smooth finish”.

Coala Walldesign NW S is a PVC-free, lightweight wallcovering for printers using latex, (eco-)solvent and UV curing inks.  It has a non-woven textile base.  It is a good, economical option for situations where a strong, lightweight and easy-to-use material is required.

The Technique

Print:  Just Print used their Mimaki CJV 160 to print the wall covering, using the standard profile as would use to print vinyl.

Fitting: They applied the printed Coala Walldesign NW S using normal wallpapering techniques.  Paste was applied to the material and left for eight minutes before applying to the wall.

Tip: David Hammett offers some helpful advice: “Make sure you have big overlaps so you can trim through it.  Use 50mm of bleed either side of strip so you can line up over previous piece of wall covering.  Once in position, trim the joint with sharp knife and straight edge and then peel back to create the butt joint”

The Result

Just Print found Coal Walldesign NW S very easy to print and work with and the interior designer and the end client were delighted with the finished result.

Watch Just Print’s timelapse video of the job – watch video

Coala Walldesign NW S

Technical data

Support: non-woven fleece

Weight: 150gsm

Finish: Smooth matt


Heavy duty PVA-based adhesives are recommended