Case Study: Xanita board provides strength to Imageco’s Greener Mission


Customer: Imageco

Xanita board provides strength to Imageco’s Greener Mission

With a 30,000-square-foot production facility, full in-house design, print and finishing services and a full nationwide installation team, Leeds-based Imageco is one of the UK’s
leading companies for all things project and print. The company specialises in large format print, signage, exhibition, retail and print work; they are also passionate about reducing the environmental impact of their business and helping their clients to do the same. Over the last few years, Imageco has shifted the way it runs modes of production towards a circular, low-carbon-emission operation. By turning to alternative printing methods, they have been able to set an example for how wide format print companies can go green for the environment.

When they were planning their exhibition stand for Marketing Show North – which provides a platform for the largest gathering of marketers, agencies and industry experts outside

London – Imageco knew they needed to capitalise on the opportunity to show prospective clients what they are capable of, including their environmental credentials. Because creating exhibition stands for clients is an important part of the company’s offering, it had to be right, from the graphic design to the material used to build it. Finding a material that could be used to not only build an exhibition stand, but that also aligned with Imageco’s ‘Greener Mission’ was crucial.

The Solution

When Imageco’s managing director Nathan Swinson Bullough was introduced to Xanita Print by Antalis, he knew it could be an interesting product for them and, after using it successfully
on previous projects, it was the obvious choice for their exhibition stand.

Xanita Print is an extremely versatile, fibreboard that can be converted in many ways. It is also a sustainable product – a natural fibre-based board consisting of a recycled kraft core sandwiched between FSC® certified printable white kraft liners. A quarter of the weight of
MDF, Xanita is incredibly strong with excellent crush strength and resistance. It offers a VOC-free and fully repulpable alternative to MDF, particle board and non-renewable rigid or
foam-filled plastic sheeting. It can also be easily CNC cut into 3-dimensional shapes.

Imageco used Xanita Print along with Xanita Kraft – Xanita Kraft is a lightweight and highly versatile kraft paper board with excellent stability and flat panel properties for internal
applications – to build the most of their exhibition stand, including the back walls – with TV screen – the hexagonal dividers/stand sides, plinths, and even the chairs.

The Result

Nathan comments, “Xanita is a massive product for us and has only just got going. We hold it in high hopes and chose to demonstrate its capabilities by making our stand from it at
Marketing Show North. Our creativity combined with the flexibility of the product made our stand a huge success, and we were very much the talk of the exhibition.”

Xanita Print is just one of several eco-friendly products Antalis supplies to Imageco to help them realise their Greener Mission. Nathan comments, “At the heart of our eco-friendly
mission is our passion to seek out, support and stock the most innovative, environmentally friendly products on the market. We work with Antalis who provide us with a number of ecofriendly
products, including Xanita Print. The board is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and ultra-lightweight, which means we’re helping our clients to reduce their carbon footprint
while pushing the boundaries of design with versatile, exciting product.”

The technique

Print: ImageCo used their EFI™ VUTEk® GS3250LX Pro with UltraDrop™ Technology to
print the Xanita Print and Xanita Kraft

Cut: All cutting was done using their Zund cutter

Tip: “ This material has so much potential; my only tip would be to get as creatve as
possible”. Nathan Siwnson Bullough

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Product Information

Xanita Print

Xanita Print is a rigid, high-strength, sustainable, closed-cell fibre board for a wide range of POS and display applications, exhibitions and shop fit-outs. Its core is made from 100%
post-consumer kraft paper and sugar cane waste; the outer liners are FSC-certified virgin fibre.

Xanita Kraft

Xanita Kraft is a lightweight and highly versatile kraft paper board with excellent stability and flat panel properties for internal applications. It exhibits an exceptional strength-to-weight
ratio and is ideal for eco-chic fitouts. It can be direct printed with white ink and surface patterns can be knife cut in the facestock of the board.