Graphicomm Digital use Coala 2D Dynamic Polymeric Gloss White to wrap shipping container

Plymouth-based Graphicomm Digital demonstrated Coala 2d Dynamic Polymeric Gloss White’s printing and wrapping capability on a grand scale when they were commissioned by a local businessman to help him make a shipping container on his land blend into the landscape.

They decided that the most effective way to achieve this would be to cover the 25 square metre surface in a camouflage wrap.

To create the camouflage imagery, Graphicomm Digital director John Hardaker took several high-resolution photographs of the landscape surrounding the container.  He then needed to source a suitable product that would print well, be easy to apply, stand up to the weather and, given the large surface area to be covered, be reasonably priced.

The Solution

Initially, John considered using a cast vinyl but it worked out to be too expensive.  Instead, he turned to Coala 2d Dynamic Polymeric Gloss White, which, as well as being cost effective, has an outdoor durability of up to five years and gives excellent printed results.

Coala 2D Dynamic Polymeric Gloss White is a vinyl that offers good dimensional stability for medium to long term applications onto flat and semi-curved surfaces.

John applied Coala 2D Matt Laminate over the top to provide extra protection to the wrap

The Technique

Print: Graphicomm Digital printed Coala 2D Dynamic Polymeric Gloss White using their Roland Versacam VS540 on standard settings as they felt the combination of the Roland quality and the Coala’s excellent printability would be more than adequate for the finish required.  The job took three hours to print.

Fitting: The shipping container was wrapped by Graphicomm Digital’s team of fitters over a period of one and a half days.

Tip: John Hardaker advises: “Be sure to use high resolution images that will enlarge well and, before wrapping something as large as a shipping container that can’t be brought into the workshop, check the weather forecast!”

The Result

Graphicomm Digital and their client were both delighted with the finished result, which has helped the shipping container merge into its surroundings.

Product Information

Coala 2D Dynamic Polymeric Gloss White

Coala 2D Matt Laminate (56347)