Featured Product: Coala WallDesign Wallcoverings


Coala WallDesign wallcoverings are a new way to create a personalised, creative and inspiring interior

Trends in decoration are constantly changing. New materials and printers open new markets for the producers of printed graphics. Interior decoration professionals give customers guidance on how interiors can be customised to create a unique atmosphere.

In order to attract and maintain the attention of their customers, brand owners must refresh their spaces and adapt to ever-changing current trends. A creative workspace also helps to motivate and engage its workforce.

The Coala WallDesign range will transform any interior; from homes, offices, and reception desks, through to shop displays, hotels and restaurants.


  • Wide variety of finishes available.
  • Easy to apply and to remove, allowing graphics and branding to be refreshed regularly.
  • Durable, hard wearing and washable.
  • Meets fire resistance requirements for public spaces.
  • Anti-bacterial coating also available.


  • Hotels
  • Cafes
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Reception desks…


  • Create and personalise your environment.
  • Wide variety of creative embossings available.
  • Easy to apply, durable and washable.

Suitable for:

  • Feature walls
  • Bespoke interior decoration
  • Living rooms
  • Offices
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms…



  • Meet the highest requirements for fire resistance, light fastness and washabilIty.
  • Available with an anti-bacterial coating for more sensitive environments, such as hospitals.
  • Are compatible with a wide range of inks and digital inkjet printers.
  • Are ideal for achieving a high degree of authenticity in the reproduction of paintings, photographs and graphics.
  • Cover a wide variety of creative finishes.


Available in three different application types: 


Simply apply water to activate.  Quick and easy to apply, no mess.

Paste the wall: 

Apply the paste to the wall.  The Non-Woven base allows easy application and removal.

Paste the paper: 

Apply paste to the paper base, offering a cost-effective way of personalising your environment.


  • Paper
  • Non-Woven
  • Glass Fibre


Coala WallDesign pre-pasted and paste the wall options can take up to 40% less time to apply than normal, paper-backed wallpaper.

Coala WallDesign NW (paste the wall)

Coala WallDesign P (pre-pasted)

Coala WallDesign P (paste the paper)


Choose from 10 different finishes

Seven new finishes have recently been added to the Coala WallDesign range, bringing the choice of embossings and textures to 10.  Choose from:

  • Smooth matt
  • Sand
  • Fine sand
  • Fibre
  • Canvas
  • Fine canvas
  • Stucco
  • Leather
  • Brush
  • Plaster