Antalis UK Sign & Digital 2017 Stand Case Study


Customer: Antalis Visual Communications

Creating an exhibition stand using our Visual Communication product range: the design and build of the Antalis stand at Sign & Digital 2017


Each year, when the Antalis Visual Communications team get together to discuss stand plans for the Sign & Digital show, there are two guiding principles they follow: the stand design should showcase its product range in application and, importantly, it should be fun and engaging.

Following the success of our café-themed stand in 2016, the team decided to build on a good thing and came up with the idea of an American Diner, which meant we could really go to town with graphics and innovative ideas to show our product range in use.

With so many products suitable for so many different applications available to us, the biggest challenge was deciding which products to use on the stand.  We wanted to showcase our wide range of easy apply products, and having added some interesting products to the range over the last year we really wanted to show these off alongside some of our more established products.

We worked with Northampton-based Studio One.  As they specialise in design and wide-format print, they have a good understanding of our product range and how to make them look good in application.  They took our brief and their first design ultimately became our stand at the show.

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The products

Working closely with the Studio One team, Antalis product managers Mike Collins and Mark Browne tackled the task of which products to use on the stand and where.


For lightness and eye-catching look, we opted for Dilite Butler Finish an aluminium composite with a brushed aluminium finish.  We demonstrated its printing capability by printing the Antalis logo and magenta accent lines straight onto the product.

Diner sign

We demonstrated the cutting and printing capabilities of 10mm Foamalite Premium and backlit it with led lights. Foamalite Premium is a high standard density foam PVC with an ultra-white shade and smooth, matt finish, making it the ideal product for what we wanted to achieve.


We used a combination of products from our extensive range of those suitable for applying wall graphics, which includes wallpaper and self-adhesive vinyls.  We wanted to show the different effects that could be achieved across a variety of textures and finishes.  The products used were:

Drytac HiGrab is a monomeric self-adhesive vinyl ideal for indoor and outdoor wall graphics.

Coala Walldesign Leather is part of a range of paper-backed wall coverings. Available in a variety of creative embossings and textures.

Coala Walldesign NW Sand and Coala Walldesign NW Stucco are part of a range of non-woven textile backed wall coverings. Available in a variety of creative embossings and textures.

Graham & Brown NW Digital Base uses cutting edge ‘paste the wall’ technology and is easy to apply.  It is a seamless solution for large scale graphic wall installations, or even smaller areas such as those on our stand.

Welcome sign

We used a combination of 10mm Foamalite Premium and 3mm Forex Print to create this little piece of Las Vegas-inspired signage.  Forex print is specially designed for flat applications including sign-making and advertising for short-term and medium-term use.


As with the walls, we used several products from our floor graphics range to demonstrate the different textures and applications available.  For the internal chequerboard floors, Drytac FloorTac a matt white 100mic monomeric soft pvc film with a clear acrylic high-tack adhesive was combined with Drytac Scuffguard textured overlaminate, which provides a durable, indoor, warrantied anti-slip floor graphic solution.

We used Coala Event Walk for the grass.  It is a heavy embossed one part 457 micron anti-slip vinyl for floor graphics and has a waterproof adhesive making it ideal short-term, outdoor use. And for the area running outside the diner walls, we used Coala Floor & Wall, a cost effective, easy to apply 150 micron, textured PVC with a Euroclass fire rating and R9 slip rating making it suitable for short term interior floor and wall graphics.


Of the three smaller windows on the stand, two were used to showcase Oracal 8810 Frosted Glass Cast, a high performance PVC film, which is extremely resistant to weathering and UV.  For the middle window, we printed Drytac Viziprint Impress Clear with our ‘Just ask Antalis’ strapline. It’s a 100 micron optically clear polyester film with a unique removable and repositionable, easy-apply adhesive. For the large window behind the counter, we used ContraVision Backlite perforated window film, which allowed us to continue the graphics across the wall and onto the window while still allowing visibility through the glass.


The top of the counter was covered in Oracal 970 Shift Effect Amethyst laminated with new Drytac Protac Anti-bacterial Film.  Available exclusively in the UK from Antalis, it is a150 micron textured polyester laminating film with a durable anti-bacterial additive which offers reliable protection from mould growth and bacterial contamination such as MRSA, Streptococcus, E.coli and Salmonella.  We printed 3mm Forex Print in the Antalis blue and featuring the Antalis logo and used it to cover the front of the counter.

Hanging signs

Drawing attention to the location of the stand as well as summarising our areas of expertise – Training, Hardware, Media, Tech Support and Logistics – were five, four-sided hanging signs, suspended from larger rigging above. The signs were made from FSC certified DISPA Board Bright White, a sign and display board with a flat, smooth, bright white print surface. It has a unique embossed core that provides rigidity and stability and is made of 100% paper.


The striking yellow lampshades were made from 500 micron Priplak Classic. Its high strength and low density make it ideal for POS and POP display, stationery and packaging or, as we demonstrated, lampshades! It’s also 100% recyclable.  Although it’s a thermoplastic material, which can lose stiffness with increasing temperatures, we used it with a 3.5w LED E27 bulb, which doesn’t emit too much heat.


To advertise the daily events Antalis was involved in at Sign & Digital, such as the Colour Management seminar presented by our Antalis Academy we applied chalkboard made from UV-printable Drytac Chalkmate Permanent Black (now also available in repositionable Drytac Retac Chalkmate) onto the Drytac HiGrab wall graphic. We used chalk to write on it but liquid chalk can also be used.  We wiped the board clean at the end of each day ready to write on new messages.

Car door

We didn’t go for a full wrap on our vintage American car door, instead we showed how easy it is to apply smaller graphics, using Orajet 3951RA, which had been printed with our Diner logo.  It’s a highly conformable, self-adhesive film suitable for application onto uneven surfaces and deep corrugations, such as those on our old car door.


Studio One did some clever 3d engineering to create our jukebox, which was built from printable 19mm Smart-X, a lightweight foam board with surfaces of UV and weather resistant solid polystyrene (HIPS) and a core of expanded polystyrene that is completely moisture-resistant, making it ideal for external applications for up to 2 years; it also featured an illuminated sign to showcase Drytac Viziprint Illuminate, a100 micron optically clear polyester film with a unique removable and repositionable, easy-apply adhesive. The record selector at the front of the jukebox was actually a chip chart showing the colours available in our range of Oracal 970 Premium Wrapping Cast, which has been specially developed for complete car wrapping, and suitable for uneven and deep corrugated surfaces.

Fire hydrant

Our American-style, red fire hydrant was 3d engineered from Stadur Sign SF, a low density, lightweight but rigid board comprising a polystyrene centre with two rigid PVC films. It is P.E. lined both sides to protect the smooth, matt, exceptional print surface.

The Result

The stand was very well received at the show and attracted a lot of interest from customers and press alike.  We wanted to create a stand that would feel warm and welcoming, where visitors could come along and browse and really get a feel for just some of the applications our range of roll and rigid visual communication media can be used for, as well as to talk to us and learn about our full range of products and services.

We launched our new hardware partnerships at the show.  Now, as well as being able to supply you with visual communications media, training through our Antalis Academy, and technical support, we can also provide you with the expertise to develop your business further with new, wide format hardware.

Chris Green, Head of Channel, Visual Communications, commented: ”Sign & Digital is an important exhibition for Antalis.  It allows us to show the wide range of products and services that Antalis can deliver to the market.

“This year’s show was our best yet. The diner theme allowed us to cover a lot of products in application in a way that gave both a functional and a fun experience for our visitors.  Next year will be a challenge, but we will be working hard in the run-up to it to deliver another creative, engaging and informative stand”.

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