Case Study: Take Note Books choose Incada Silk for its outstanding printing qualities

Take Note Books was launched in July 2018 and now offers 174 unique notebook designs for its customers. Produced mainly in A5, with a small number of A6 products available, the notebooks come in 2 spine depths and offer a wide range of exquisite designs; from bold patterns to sporting themes. Since its launch Take Note Books have been using Incada Silk 260gsm for all of its covers. When asked why they chose that product, Ian Kear-Bertie, Head of Design at Take Note Books, stated that ‘Incada proved to be the best of all the Folding Box Boards that we trialed, due to its consistent print quality and faultless print of solids. Given that 95% of our notebook covers have full print coverage and 35% are solid flat colours, it was essential to pick a product that would help to elevate our designs.’

How are they printed?

The notebooks are printed on a HP Indigo 3500. The covers are then Matt of Gloss laminated for added durability. They are laminated in house on an Autobond that can laminate both sides if required. A number of the books have round corners and an elastic band that acts as a divider or holds the book shut. As well as the 174 designs already on offer, customers can also personalise the notebooks using a template that can be supplied.


Product Information

Incada Silk is a fully coated white back folding box board (GC1), with a matt finish. This gives excellent results in both solid print and half tone illustrations, making this product ideal for a variety of packaging applications.


Key Features

  • Excellent smoothness and printability
  • Matt finish
  • Lick coated, white reverse side for 4 colour printing
  • Designed for quality packaging and graphical applications
  • Wide range of calipers and sizes available