Cardiff Met University

Cardiff Met University were approached by an external car park company promoting their services. They showed Cardiff Met Tax disc permit with a holograph.  The university liked the idea as they felt it looked professional and was flexible.

So they agreed to investigate something similar to improve our security, as this is always a challenge with their Car Park Permits. The university then spoke to Les Jones their Antalis Account Manager who then dropped in some products he had shown we could consider using to improve our process.

Cardiff Met then ran a few tests and decided on the best design for their permits. This included the Cardiff Met Hologram to increase the security further. They also liked the fact that you could add additional information on the letter to staff, which the university used to promote green travel options this year. They also included terms and conditions on the reverse of the letter to ensure all users were kept informed.

Previous to this they used plastic cards; which were expensive and slow to print and over time would warp in the sun.

With Xerox Docucard the university were able to print this easily using their MFD.  Using the manual by-pass rather than the paper tray as it was found to be more effective.