Brilliant Media Vehicle Wrap Case Study

Brillant vehicle wrap speeds Barley McNaughton into pole position with Orajet

When the motor-sport division of construction and refurbishment specialists Barley McNaughton were looking to rebrand its new race car trailer, brand and design experts Brilliant Media turned to Orajet, supplied by Antalis, to transform a plain, full-sized articulated lorry into one of the most talked-about transporters on the racing circuit.

For the full service cross media production company, the opportunity to start with a totally blank canvas gave the design and branding team at Brilliant Media the chance to put their flair for innovation and creativity in to action.

“Then came the bombshell,” explained Tony Kenton, Branding and marketing director at Brilliant Media.  “Our client needed the lorry finished, roadworthy and ready to go in just two weeks as they were heading to Spa in Belgium for their next race!”

The challenge not only included an extremely tight deadline, the design team also had to create a strikingly different brand for Barley McNaughton’s motor sport division, reflect an element of its classic racing history, while still remaining true to the values of its core business.

“We knew we had to include both the brand and the cars in some way; then we had a Brilliant idea!” enthused Kenton.

The Brilliant team created an architectural line illustration as a backdrop along the entire length and back of the lorry to highlight the company’s construction heritage.  This was then given the appearance of being peeled back to reveal the interior of the truck by presenting 1:1 scale photographic images of both the team’s touring cars and Jeff’s classics.”

This bold design concept needed the very best substrates and print technology as well as precision execution in order to deliver this scale of project within the extremely tight two week window.

“There was no room for error and no time for reprints, so we needed to be confident that our choice of substrate would be suitable for the job,” said Kenton.  “We therefore chose Orajet 3951RA vinyl from our suppliers Antalis, because we needed a consistent, highly reliable wrapping film, which would remain stable print after print, as well as conform well to the deep recesses of the trailer.”

By using Orajet with its matching gloss overlaminate, Brillant was able to achieve an incredibly high standard wrap that would withstand the rigors of long distance travel and the heavy demands of racing life.

“We used a carefully managed production process to execute the 1,350 sq ft printed wrap, labelling where each set of drops were as they came off the printer, through the gassing-off stage and then as they received the matching Antalis gloss overlaminate to ensure each panel lined up perfectly,” explained Kenton.

“Orajet conformed really well to the deep recesses of the trailer and was a consistent and highly reliable wrapping film that remained stable throughout the print and installation process.”

“Having worked with Antalis for a very long time and built a relationship of trust in their team and their products, we knew that their expertise, help and support would be on hand at any time should we need it during our tight production schedule.”

“Antalis is a great addition to our business – our clients no longer think all paper is the same – they want the highest quality substrate that can offer something special to their projects.  We can always rely on Antalis to keep us up to date with the latest developments and new products as well as provide samples that really stand out when we show our clients examples, giving them a competitive edge over other suppliers.”

The stunning newly-branded articulated trailer was presented to Barley McNaughton who were speechless at the transformation. The project was delivered with a day to spare, and drew considerable comment and admiration from fellow race teams on arrival in Belgium, in particular from the McLaren Formula One crew who declared that ‘it would not look out of place in an F1 paddock.”

So delighted with the outcome of the project, that Barley McNaughton commissioned the Brilliant Media team to wrap the race car itself as well as all its pit graphics panels.

“Whilst we are no strangers to using Orajet to wrap vehicles, this is definitely the one we are most proud of to date,” concluded Kenton.

Production & Installation
We chose Antalis Orajet 3951RA vinyl because we needed a consistent, highly reliable wrapping film which would be stable print after print, and conform well to the deep recesses of the trailer. Our production process had to be carefully managed, we used a comprehensive labelling system to keep track of where each set of drops were as they came off the printer, through the gassing-off stage and then as they received the  matching Antalis gloss overlaminate.

Once trimmed down and packed, they were ready to be handed to the install team. Following the carefully prepared visual guides, the team set to work installing the 1350 square foot of print. Each area of the trailer had to be cleaned and degreased before application and of course,
each panel had to line up perfectly with the one next to it.

This improbable task was completed with almost a day in hand, a wonderful moment in Brilliant Media’s year. The culmination of a well planned and executed project was finally at the point of reveal. Jeff and his people were, to our delight, rendered speechless as the truck rolled out.

The finished Artic…le
When the team arrived in Spa, they generated a lot of buzz, in particular from the McLaren Formula One crew, who exclaimed over the design, saying “it would not look out of place in an F1 paddock”.

This comment confirmed to us that we had fulfilled our objective – it had to be Brilliant, and it was. In fact, our client was so impressed, we were subsequently tasked with wrapping the race car itself, and the pit graphics panels.