Aurora Digital Print Ltd & Crakel launch an innovation in digital print

Aurora Digital Print Ltd a commercial print operation in Newcastle upon Tyne has added a new card and gift division called Crakel after 12 months of research and testing.

As part of this Crakel launched a new product concept into the retail business world – coaster gift cards. They achieved this by utilising 2 aspects of the digital printing production process to produce a single high quality product that has grown to a range of almost 200 products in less than 3 months into the launch; the increase in the range is now driven by retailer feedback and their respective customers.

It’s rare that these 2 aspects of the digital printing process come together to produce one product. Crakel believe in doing this they utilised the full potential of their business capabilities, delivering innovation and excitement into the retail industry.

The initial greeting card production was executed on a HP Indigo Digital Press with a textile coaster printed via a Mimaki flat bed, the products then joined together resulting in a high quality coaster gift card complete and ready to be shipped to their retailer partners. The products were launched in February 2016 in select independent gift shops and garden centres and are now on customers shelves or on supplied display spinners.

Crakel chose Curious Metallic Ice Silver board from Antalis for their new product and found the initial challenge was to select the correct substrate to compliment it and give a high quality finish to their coaster gift card offering.

After robust research and testing all of this is now in place and Crackel are now receiving replenishment orders from their retail partners. The Antalis digital team were great in their support and knowledge throughout the whole process.