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Winners Revealed: Antalis Helps Young Talent get Creative with Paper at the D&AD New Blood Awards

The D&AD New Blood Ceremony has taken place in London, with the 10 winners of Antalis’ ‘Let’s Get Physical’ design brief receiving their award ranking.


The awards invite students, graduates and other young creatives to respond to a real brief, set by some of the world’s biggest brands including Adobe and adidas. Antalis was revealed earlier this year as one such partner, working closely with D&AD to create an innovative brief entitled: ‘Let’s Get Physical: Conquer digital dominance with a creative paper experience’. Centred on the Arjowiggins’ range of Conqueror paper, distributed by Antalis, the brief explored and celebrated the possibilities of paper as a physical, tactile, and creative material for design in a digital age.


Judging took place in May 2018 whereby the New Blood jury, consisting of nine industry experts including Antalis’ Marketing Director, Ian Webb, carefully reviewed the submissions. From a total of 7,743 entry downloads, 10 entrants were revealed as winners and have been eagerly anticipating the ceremony where each received their ‘Pencil’ – a golden ticket of sorts which allows them to tap into exclusive scholarship and funding opportunities, as well as achieve international exposure and potential employment opportunities.


At the ceremony, one worthy winner received what is considered the ultimate award by new creatives: the New Blood Black Pencil. Given to the best of the best, a £2,000 prize fund has also been awarded to them. This year’s Black Pencil recipient is:


Naomi Taylor for #DearMrHousingMinister, a social media campaign focussing on alerting the UK housing minister to the uncertainty in social housing.


The remaining winners were categorised as white, yellow, graphite or wood pencils. Two winners were awarded the New Blood Yellow Pencil for Antalis’ ‘Let’s Get Physical’ design brief; ‘Between the Sheets’ by Noah Ellison and Fergus Tillyard from Arts University Bournemouth and ‘Bones’ by Marco Minzoni and Eugenia Luchetta from the London College of Communication. The former created a unique paper experience using the format of a paper sample book to present the viewer with a series of innuendos, encouraging them to interact with the book. The latter meanwhile constructed a book made exclusively out of paper, where no ink, no glue and no thread was added, with the objective of presenting paper as playing the leading role when it is often overlooked as merely a skeleton for the actual content.


Commenting on the winning entries, Ian Webb says: “We were blown away by the calibre of this year’s submissions and each of the winning creative entrants are fully deserving of the accolades they have achieved. We wish them the best of luck in their careers moving forward and are excited to see what they do next.”


Antalis Winners

Between the Sheets


The full list of Antalis’ ‘Let’s Get Physical’ winners are:


Between the Sheets

Creative Team: Noah Ellison, Fergus Tillyard

Tutor: Rich Hurst

College:  Arts University Bournemouth

Pencil: Yellow



Creative Team: Marco Minzoni, Eugenia Luchetta

College:  London College of Communication

Pencil: Yellow


Conqueror of the Earth

Creative Team: Daisuke Saito

College:  Musashino Art University

Pencil: Graphite


Dr. Wiggin’s Wonderous World of Paper

Creative Team: Carol Ehreth, Kate Gallihugh, Hannah West

Tutor: Ron Moore, Colleen Finn

College:  The Creative Circus

Pencil: Wood


Endless Possibilities

Creative Team: Jade Barnett

Tutor: Tom Northey

College: University for the Creative Arts at Farnham

Pencil: Wood


Made in Scotland

Creative Team: Jessie Russell

Tutor: Mafalda Spencer

College: Falmouth University

Pencil: Wood


Sheet Music

Creative Team: Paul Melville, Jake Peterson, Jason Murray, Jagger Moore, David Pierce

Tutor: Jeff Sheets

College: Brigham Young University

Pencil: Wood


Studio Calendar

Creative Team: Rok Hudobivnik

Tutor: Martin Schooley

College: Norwich University of the Arts

Pencil: Wood


The Beginning

Creative Team: Alfidiya Kuchukbaeva

Tutor: Pavel Borisovsky

College: Higher School of Economics

Pencil: Wood


Yours Faithfully

Creative Team: Lari Smith, Madeleine Pane

Tutor: Luke Falkland-Brown

College: RMIT University

Pencil: Wood


For more information about the winners, go to dandad.org/d-ad-new-blood-awards. For further information about Antalis please visit antalis.co.uk.

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