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The 3 C’s of Digital Printing

wall sticker

work in an industry in which I believe there are 3 C’s (amongst others) which will help you to stand out from the crowd, enjoy what you do whilst running a successful and profitable business.



Being creative in what you do: thought processes, trying new things, mixing technologies, offering something different, operating in a creative environment, inspiring creativity, diversifying.



‘Cool’ can be very relative to individual, market, trend etc. But being seen to be ahead of the game, fun and rolling with the times is what I am getting at. If there were two companies with the same product but one had cool branding or cool graphics…I know which one I’d choose.



Whatever it is you do – it needs to be commercially viable. If not, business will not be business for long! If you can be Creative Cool AND Commercial you will have hit the nail on the head, often the first two will inspire but not bring home the bacon.


So…here are a few examples of things that I have spotted that have grabbed my attention for each C:



One of my own creations to start with.

Whilst at Sign & Digital UK at the NEC I managed to produce some new samples one of which was started back at our Creative Centre and finished up at the show. I milled/engraved a piece of corian on the EGX-350, then printed onto the cut out design using the LEF-20 which I was working at the show.

I used the same design to cut as I did to print, so that they would line up correctly. When printing I printed CMYK >Gloss. The gloss layer goes over an offset black and white version of the colour background within the text:

An easy way to do this would have been to print-then cut/engrave. But I wanted to try it the other way around to make it a little trickier (the end result looked better for it too I think).


Next up we have a Cool and Creative mix of digital visuals from a mobile phone and a printed garment. Digital Dudz offer a combination of garment and phone App which make a really Cool output, check the video out here

This is something that you could quite easily replicate and/or modify to suit your own ideas and use your digital printer to create the garments! They also do masks…get Creative!


Finally for the Creative section is this very simplistic approach to Creativity that I think works really well. This wall graphic has a similar effect to anamorphic graphics but a lot less technical land the impact it has is great. This could be very easily made using paint, a plotter and 10 minutes in a design programme. I like it that the graphic is not too imposing and how the sleek design gives a feel of class and organisation.



Now I don’t claim to be in the know when it comes to ‘tricked’ or ‘pimped’ out cars…on the contrary I ride a motorbike! However I have seen an increase in ‘Rat Look’ cars. As far as I can tell these are cars painted…or un-painted to look all old and rusty!


Apparently this is ‘Cool’!? So why not protect the lovely paint work on your car but still get the same look? This is what ThinkImage did when they wrapped this Audi in a Rat Look print:



Something that hints back to your childhood next-but with a Cool twist!
I found this image somewhere online and loved it…it’s like a grown up version of a pop-up book, very cool and a great conversation piece and treat for anybody who closes the door. A great addition to an office or studio?


Finally some guerrilla signage:

I saw this in the local paper, somebody has been going around putting up motivational/complimentary signage in Bristol…how kind.



Let’s start off with a link to some free texture images…If you have that creative spark I’m sure you’ll find some use for them!?


Following on from textures – wallpapers!

Printing wall graphics and wallpapers is becoming more and more popular, and media manufacturers have jumped onto this trend, improving their ranges and offering a wider variety of options. As this article from Despoke shows, the trend has hit the Milan Design Week with some really strong visuals!


And to finish off we have another of my creations (blowing that trumpet!).


Here’s an application that I managed to print – something I had been meaning to do for a while!

When making a round of drinks for the guys on my desk island in the Roland offices it can be hard to remember who wanted what…I’m sure we’ve all got to the kettle before and completely forgot how many sugars John has, if Mary has milk etc!

So I decided to create a coffee tray that would help out. The idea is that you place the person’s mug below their name, and aim the handle at what drink they want! You can colour match to how strong they like it I even printed a matte emboss on each drink area to act like a coaster (thanks to the Versa UV LEF-20).

That’s it from me for now, thank you for reading!


Joe Wigzell
Academy and Creative Centre Manager at Roland DG






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Time’s a Ticking - 20 July 2018
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