The Antalis Academy Introduction to Vehicle & Vinyl Application Workshop – Livingston

Who's the course for?

Antalis Academy is on the road and coming to Livingston, Scotland. For 3 days we will host a number of workshops that allow you to understand various application techniques and advice from our expert tutor.


What is wrapping? 

  • An introduction into the basic principles of wrapping, the materials used and the skills that are going to be required to complete a wrap job.

What do I need to start wrapping?

  • Talking about what environment we need to wrap in.
  • Tools we require.

Where to start?

  • Cleaning
  • Part removal
  • Laying out
  • Fitting
  • Stretching/heating

What types of job/markets are available?

Examples of different jobs and the pros and cons of each , looking at vehicle wraps , both domestic cars and commercial vehicles, and other areas that you may not of thought of like domestic appliances, kitchen cupboards, laptops and vending machines; hands on session on these areas

Commercial Wraps

  • Designing advertising wraps
  • Materials available
  • Fitting styles / levels of detail required
  • Colour change

Domestic Wraps

  • Designing
  • Materials available
  • Fitting styles / levels of detail required
  • Carbon fibre etc


  • What prices should I be charging? And why?

Workshop session

  • Hands on
  • Basic applications
  • Curves
  • Recesses
  • Squeegee techniques
  • Heating/stretching
  • Finishing
  • Post heating

Location & Booking

Antalis, Gateway House, Royston Rd, Livingston EH54 8AL
29th August 2019 | 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Tutor Profile

Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes is a Signmaker with 16 years experience running his own Signmaking business. In addition, he is an author on the subject and has been presenting the successful Signmaker’s Workshop at the Sign & Digital UK for the past four years.

Unfortunately, this course has already past.