The Digital Academy Introduction to Signlab 10 Workshop - 20th September 2017

Who's the course for?

This workshop is designed for intermediate users who want to fast track their knowledge by exploring the many features of this marketing leading sign software.

Digital Academy Lounge Digital Academy Classroom

Course Syllabus

Welcome and general Introduction

General Overview of Signlab Interface


The workspace of Signlab and general handling of Signlab

  • Mayor Shortcuts and Hot keys
  • Parametric Shapes Control nubs / value entry
  • Zoom tools
  • Copies / Move

Smartbar and custom Toolbar

  • Create Own toolbar with Instant Replay using outline / Shadows / Distortion, Instant Replay and other functions

Layer Viewer


Group Viewer


Basic Functions

  • Move Size Align Mirror Rotate
  • Alignment and Alignment shortcuts
  • Group/Ungroup  - make Path / Break path
  • Arrays

How to cut, print, print and cut

Coffee Break

Fonts - Working with Text


  • True Type
  • Adobe Type One
  • Cadlink font format
  • Text editor and Textcompose
  • Fixed length Text
  • Text to path
  • Badges and Serialisation

Lunch Break


  • Prepare to vectorise wizard and Node editing
  • Polygon, Polyarc and Bezier editing

Print and cut and Plug ins

  • Contour Cut
  • Contour Object
  • Clipping
  • Plug-in Support
  • Eye Candy
  • Fluid Mask
  • Supersize

Coffee Break

VPM Overview and Printer setup

  • Correct file size for Printing
  • Colour Input Profile Settings in Signlab
    Pantone and LAB Colours
  • Spot gradient Support
  • Print and cut workflows

Questions and answers

Location & Booking

The Digital Academy Coalville, Leicestershire

20th September 2017 | 10am to 4pm

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Tutor Profile

Bernhard's initial foray into the graphics world was as a screenprinter. Seeing an opportunity for better things with the advent of the Gerber 4A he started his own sign company in 1984, with one of the first machines delivered in Europe. In 1987 Bernhard then moved away from sign making and became a supplier to the fledgling sign industry across the whole continent, supplying the Thermazone Fastboard PC interface for gerber users, and then supplying complete sign making systems as the market flourished. In 1996 his suppliers became his employers when he joined CADlink as European Sales Manager based in the UK, a post he still holds today. Bernhard is well known among his peers in the sign industry for his wealth of knowledge and unbounded enthusiasm; you may well have seen him at Sign UK in recent years giving product seminars.

£100/per person Includes lunch & all course materials

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