The Digital Academy How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price workshop

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The Digital Academy How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price workshop

Who's the course for andwWorkshop details?

By the end of this workshop you will have a system that will help you engage prospects and customers in a new way. You will find that your conversations will revolve less around price and more around how you can help their businesses.  You’ll find that you are having conversations about value rather than price. You’ll also find that prospects want to use you as their chosen supplier.

You will also find out some different ways of using your message that result in less cold calling and more warm prospects.

That means you will be winning work at higher profit margins.  You will find that customers will be more loyal.  You will using your sales resources more effectively.

What will you learn?

The day will focus onthree main topics:

Why buyers choose on price

Many printing sales pitches actually encourage buyers to choose on price. We’ll spend the first part of the day examining key factors that make conversations price based. We’ll examine your sales message and actions to see if you might be encouraging people to focus on price.

The three elements of an effective sales message

Most sales messages make print companies sound pretty much the same as the competition. To attract the serious attention of a buyer, your sales message must have three elements: target audience, pain and difference. We’ll go through this message structure in detail. You will build a sales message for your company based on these principles.

How to attract a list of prospects that want to speak to you

Cold calling is still the prime sales channel for the majority of print companies.  However, it’s an inefficient way of selling.  We’ll look at ways of regularly contacting hundreds of prospects.  These will be prospects who have actually asked to hear from you.  We’ll also examine how to turn this interest into orders.

At the end of the workshop you’ll have a brand new sales message for your most important prospects and customers.  You’ll also understand the process for creating more messages like this.  You’ll also come away with a strategy for attracting new prospects, engaging with them on a regular basis and turning them into customers.

Details of the workshop

This is a full day workshop.  Attendance is limited to a maximum of eight participants.  This ensures that all attendees receive plenty of personal attention and that there is sufficient time to discuss the issues raised.

All delegates will receive a pre-workshop e-mail briefing.

Everyone will work on practical exercises throughout the day.  They will learn by putting theory into practice.

Pdf notes are also provided from the day.

There is a 30-day e-mail help line after the event.

Location & Booking

The Digital Academy Coalville, Leicestershire.

9th November 2017

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Tutor Profile

Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker is the founding director of Profitable Print Relationships and has over twenty years’ experience in the print sector. He headed up print purchasing at Future Publishing, one of the UK’s leading consumer magazine publishers as well as a print specialist at many different companies of all sizes and from many market sectors and has worked in agency and marketing environments. Matthew is a regular keynote speaker at print events. His aim is to show print companies the buyer’s view; he also gives printers practical actionable advice on how they can improve their engagement with buyers.

£150/per person Includes lunch & all course materials

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