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The Antalis Digital Academy is a centre of excellence for digital printing and technology.

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Based at our head office in Leicestershire, the academy is a hub of information for anyone interested in digital print both small and large format. It’s a unique facility equipped with the latest digital kit offering live demonstrations and real life application case studies to help inform and educate, whether you’re looking at investing in digital print or you are a digital printer looking to expand your business portfolio and maximise the potential of your machinery.

Not only is our Digital Academy a great place to showcase the potential of digital print, it’s also an excellent place to hold a meeting, as there is a separate seminar room, complete with electronic white board and plenty of product examples to provide inspiration.

Customer Testimonials

“The workshop exceeded expectations, so much information was given in a clear concise way”

Donna Escandell, Delta Group

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“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop as usual, it amazes me how much Martin manages to get in, in such an understanding manner”

Robert Foote, Next Retail

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“Excellent, great insight into Web2Print with good knowledge from the Presenters”

Amanda Thorley, De Montfort University

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Antalis Digital Academy and Leicester College in Training Partnership

Leicester College

As well as the diverse range of workshops in the Digital academy, Antalis are delighted to promote training at the UK's foremost centre of education for Printing technology.

Leicester College offer Apprenticeships in Digital Printing pathways at level 2 and level 3. These courses are delivered through on and off the job training. Off the job training can be delivered on-site or in college, in their very own production printing department. Participants will be taught the necessary theory surrounding print and the Digital processes ranging from the core principles, right through to colour management and maintenance techniques. Different topics are selected dependant on the nature of the job role, such as print finishing to pre-press operations. During this course the participants are allocated their own dedicated Trainer Assessor to guide them through their NVQ. All of the Assessors are from the printing industry, with a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years.

At each level, the course lasts around 18-24 months. At level 2 the participant is given a good overview of the print industry and related skills. At level 3, this focuses more towards a high level of competency and starts to develop team leading and supervisory skills. Support is offered to the participant and the organisation throughout the journey. This is managed via regular reviews to discuss progress and to look at setting milestones and stretching targets to coincide with your business objectives.

More information about the courses can be found here

Upcoming Courses


Digital Academy Introduction to the Large Format Market, Printers & Applications Workshop

This workshop is for commercial printers and Office Products Dealers new to the Large Format market, as well as new employees of existing Large Format printers and all colleagues from a non-production environment.

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The Digital Academy Signmakers Workshop - Leicester

Using a range of Antalis materials the following techniques will be demonstrated; Basic Application of Vinyls. Learn the basics of applying vinyl graphics and what vinyls/techniques to use when and where.

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The Digital Academy Laminating and Finishing Workshop - 17th October

This workshop is aimed at all companies who are looking at installing Large Format Laminators and who are looking to maximise the effectiveness and productivity of this equipment. The day will include both theory and practical applications of a wide range of products. The workshop will also be of benefit to operators wishing to improve their skills and learn from industry leading experts.

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The Digital Academy SAI Flexi Workshop – from Sign Design to Production, software at Work

Whether new to Flexi or an existing user, this workshop will aid you in becoming more creative and productive using Flexi for all your designing, cutting, print&cut and printing activities. Get introduced to all the latest features and the many Flexi 12 product enhancements. All attendees are required to bring laptops with them.

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The Digital Academy Onyx Intermediate Users Workshop - 7th November 2017

This workshop is designed for intermediate users who have a good grasp of the basic operation of ONYX and are keen to expand their knowledge further to take advantage of the many extra features that ONYX provides.

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The Digital Academy Successful Social Media For Print Sales People Workshop

The right social media activity will lead to good business for printing companies. At the end of this workshop you will be able to use social media to find new prospects. You’ll also know what to do to make sure that prospects can find you. You will be able to keep prospects engaged until they are ready to buy. You will also learn how to convert social media connections into sales prospects. Finally, you will learn how to carry out social media activity efficiently. That means you will spend as little time as possible on social media for the maximum results. You will be using your time more effectively. And you’ll have a better chance of winning more new business.

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The Digital Academy How To Stop Print Buyers Choosing On Price workshop

By the end of this workshop you will have a system that will help you engage prospects and customers in a new way. You will find that your conversations will revolve less around price and more around how you can help their businesses. You’ll find that you are having conversations about value rather than price. You’ll also find that prospects want to use you as their chosen supplier.

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The Digital Academy Onyx Advanced Users Workshop - 14th November 2017

This workshop is designed for advanced users who already have a firm grasp of the core features and want to expand their knowledge in key areas such as colour, profiling and complex workflows.

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The Digital Academy Roland VersaWorks Advanced Workshop

The workshop is aimed at Roland VersaWorks users who want to take better control of their printer and understand all the features available to help them print more productively. Please note all attendees will be required to bring a laptop with VersaWorks installed if possible.

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The Digital Academy Print, Foil, Cut and Crease your own packaging mock-ups Workshop

This course is aimed at anyone interested in bringing packaging mock-ups in house and/or wishing to learn all about the all new Oki white and clear toner technology.

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The Digital Academy Introduction to Vehicle Wrapping and Vinyl Application Workshop

Learn about the suitability of vehicle wrapping for your business and a basic understanding of all types of vinyl application.

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The Digital Academy Introduction to Static Control in Digital Print

This workshop is aimed at anyone interested in gaining a greater understanding of the issues that static electricity can cause in Digital Print and furthermore solutions to prevent static affecting quality and productivity and operator shocks.

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The Digital Academy Complete Vehicle Wrap Workshop (1)

The workshop is aimed at those who consider vehicle wrapping to be core to their business growth and who have some experience for example having attended the Digital Academy Intro to Vehicle Wrapping & Vinyl Application workshop and are looking to improve their skills.

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The Digital Academy Colour Management Workshop

The course is aimed at companies who have one or more types of digital printers and wish to get consistent and repeatable colour across different devices.

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The Digital Academy Digital Wallcoverings Applications Workshop - 12th December 2017

The workshop is aimed at companies who have Large Format Inkjet technology to print Digital Wallcoverings and are looking to get a complete overview of all aspects of application as well as practical hints and tips from an expert in this field.

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The Digital Academy Onyx Certification Training Workshop - 18th & 19th January 2018

A hands-on classroom certification on the award-winning RIP software. Each session provides increased knowledge and guidance in an interactive training environment. This program provides an in-depth working knowledge of ONYX software to optimize operator productivity — new classes now training with ONYX 12.

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